COB & Janeen With Ira Joe, 1987

Joe Fisher was the weatherman for Channel 12 for a number of years, and he also had his own morning talk show.

There’s IJF at right with Denny Janson (L) and Nick Clooney. Yes, George’s dad.


Easter Seals Telethon, 1984

I did this one year, then went straight to the station (no nap) and did the 3am-9am Sunday show. Fell asleep at 7:45am while running syndicated programming, and a relay switch in the board went off at 7:59am just as the record was fading. It was someone on the hotline- a number only a few knew- and she wanted to know “if I was alright. (Click.)” Huh? Oh, and, get a song in the machine, you’re about to have dead air. I whirled around, still groggy, and grabbed Belinda Carlise’s “Circle In The Sand.”