Air Staff, 1991?

Maybe 1991? I forget when we introduced that awful logo. Rich (Newz Roadie) says this was a promo post card. I do recall how Rich got his nickname. Me: “Who are you?” Him: “I’m Pam’s new intern assistant.” Me: “Oh, you mean, like her News Roadie?



The Boy Wonder: Randy Michaels

Photo stolen borrowed from John Kieswetter’s FB although I probably have it somewhere. I believe this is the first Q control room in the Taft Productions building, which for some reason I never checked out. Maybe 1974 or 75 here. My first night at Q, 5-30-80, Randy came roaring down the hallway on some motorbike. He denies this, but it happened.


COB & Janeen With Ira Joe, 1987

Joe Fisher was the weatherman for Channel 12 for a number of years, and he also had his own morning talk show.

There’s IJF at right with Denny Janson (L) and Nick Clooney. Yes, George’s dad.