Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Featuring label rep Al Stann at left, then Fox, and I guess one of the two guys in the center is Manfred, then COB and Mark. I think 1976 here.


OK, Line Up For The Photo

Bands were stopping by all the time. More from Bill and Atlantic Records. This first photo, I don’t know the guys..


But the rock star here is a guy named Kip Winger. Nice shades. A great story about the track lighting you see in these shots. These new studios were built with cheap lights, and they were always cutting out. You’re in the production room, and the lights go out. So it happens one day a corporate honcho called over, I got the call, and he wanted me to make a tape of all our “funny morning stuff” that he could play in the car for his family vacation trip. I did, and forgot about it.

Weeks later, he calls me and says “That was great! Anything you need, let me know.” I said, “Track lights.” He said, “Send me the bill.” So I did. Went downtown spent a huge amount of money on the best lights “The Lighthouse” had. The install guys show up one morning and Jim Fox says to me, “Brinker, did I..OK this?” I said “Trust me.”

And that was that.


Wendy, Carnie & Me

Two/thirds of Wilson Phillips drop by during our ill-fated “Killer Q” era. We all went to dinner at The Waterfront and we wrapped up one of their dinner plates with some uneaten food on it, and then gave it away on the air.