Rod Rules: Q’s Top Hits Of 79



September 15, 1980 Weekly Playlist Flier

Memo to the sales department- why weren’t we selling ad space on these things? I had only been there three months at this point. Air Supply at the top of the chart. Dark times.

Q Hoops With Janeen, Fox & Andy, 1980


#tbt March, 1980. Cincinnati Radio/Records All-Stars vs. WMOH “Rock Shop.” Top row: Pete Anderson (CBS Records), Janeen Coyle Q102, Joel Cella (WMOH), Zip Rzeppa (WLWT-TV), Kevin Carroll (WB Records), Ross Grierson (E/A Records), Bob Johnson (WLW) Jim Otte (WMOH). Botton row: Michelle (YES95), Fast Eddie Coyle (YES95 & no relation!), Bill Scull (MCA Records), Robin Wood (WEBN), Jim Fox (Q102), Andy Craig (Q102).

[stolen borrowed from Janeen’s Facebook page]