Air Staff, 1991?

Maybe 1991? I forget when we introduced that awful logo. Rich (Newz Roadie) says this was a promo post card. I do recall how Rich got his nickname. Me: “Who are you?” Him: “I’m Pam’s new intern assistant.” Me: “Oh, you mean, like her News Roadie?




I saw this sticker on the back window of a van parked down the street and it immediately struck me as identical to the TFB logo that Taft Broadcasting once used.

Note the similarity between the van sticker and the cover of the Taft quarterly magazine they once put out. TFB was also the stock ticker symbol.



The Boy Wonder: Randy Michaels

Photo stolen borrowed from John Kieswetter’s FB although I probably have it somewhere. I believe this is the first Q control room in the Taft Productions building, which for some reason I never checked out. Maybe 1974 or 75 here. My first night at Q, 5-30-80, Randy came roaring down the hallway on some motorbike. He denies this, but it happened.