The Boy Wonder: Randy Michaels

Photo stolen borrowed from John Kieswetter’s FB although I probably have it somewhere. I believe this is the first Q control room in the Taft Productions building, which for some reason I never checked out. Maybe 1974 or 75 here. My first night at Q, 5-30-80, Randy came roaring down the hallway on some motorbike. He denies this, but it happened.



Who Concert Tragedy, 12-3-79

If you don’t know this story, here it is. Needless to say, this chilling photo outside the Coliseum doors wasn’t a good promo image. I had just visited the Q a month prior, and would start five months later. Never seen this photo until today, and it’s been almost 39 years.


Q Box

I forget when this was- late 80s or early 90s. We put a “box” on top of Riverfront Coliseum, and I believe we gave clues every AM as to what was “in” it. So one morning I’m doing the Morning Show news, and I answer the newsline. “Q News.” “Hey this is (I wanna say Marty Bender or Eddie Fingers from- who- Yes95? Wink? I forget) and we’re on the roof of the Coliseum and we’re going to sneak into your box.” I say, “hold on.” I stick my head in the air studio- “Bender and Fingers on (phone line) 8791- they’re on the roof of the Coliseum.” Nice of them to promote our contest.