For a time, our motto was “Those Guys Are Bananas,” referring to the morning show. We did a TV spot, and a banana costume was involved. So one morning, Jim Fox woke me up and said, “Brinker, if we had a superhero mascot, what kinda voice would he use?” So I was sound asleep, dropped my voice to Ted Baxter level, and said BE LOOKING FOR ME, BECAUSE….I’LL BE LOOKING FOR YOU. That got me the job and became my signature phrase. Bananaman was huge. We’d go around giving away $5,000 a week- there were billboards, the works. Bigger than the Beatles. Here I am handing a check to Bengals coach Sam Wyche.

At the Reds offices at Riverfront…

And that’s Richard Marx looking dubious along with Dave Allen and Jim Fox.


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